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Each FIRO PUNKS costs 10 FIRO (BEP20) + Gas.

Own one of 999 unique FIRO PUNKS. Each of these NFTs has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system. You can mint as many punks as you want but once the 999 FIRO PUNKS are sold, it will be too late to get one at mint cost. However, dont worry, you will able to buy and sell at NFT marketplaces.

PUNK name:
You have 0 FIRO PUNK. Mint your first FIRO PUNK and then you can upgrade it

Feed your FIRO PUNK to improve them.

  • +1 Health
  • +2 Health
  • +2 Health
  • +4 Attack Power
  • +2 Health
  • +4 Defence Power
  • +3 Health
  • +4 Attack Power
  • +2 Defence Power
  • +3 Health
  • +4 Defence Power
  • +2 Attack Power
You have 0 FIRO PUNK. Mint your first FIRO PUNK and then you can play

There is 0 battle. Create your first battle

Battle Id Level Status Winner Id

Battle Rules

1 You must have at least one Firo Punks NFT to create or accept battle. Each Firo Punks has a genome, aka "attack power", "defense power", "speed" and "health". When you mint your NFT, your initial "health" stat is "10", decreasing by one each time you lose a battle. Other stats are determined by your attributes and rarity. To participate in the battle, your "health" stat must be greater than zero. If your health stat is zero, you should feed your Firo Punks with potions to increase health stat. The other way is “resting”. Resting locks the NFT and give them health every locking day. If you lock your NFT 3 days, you earn +3 health after locking time finished. During this time you cannot create or accept battle.

2 The outcome of FIRO PUNKS battling is depend on the punks genome. Those who create the battle should be the "Attacker", those who accept the battle should be the "Defender". If your attack power and speed are higher than your opponent's defense power and speed, you win the battle. If the winner is “Attacker”, he gains +5 Attack power and +1 Speed. If the winner is “Defender”, he gains +5 Defence power and +1 Speed. If you are loser, health stats and one of the other stats randomly -1 decreasing. On the other hand, in order to level up, winners earn 5 exp points and losers lose 2 exp points.

3 The system involves two players, who wager FIRO BEP20 token on the outcome of an NFT battle. To join the battle, you must be on the same level as the NFT that created the war. If his level is 2, your level should be 2. Otherwise the system won't let you battle. Once entered the game, players will need to choose a Firo Punks to play for the round. Battle creator and acceptor puts 0.3 FIRO BEP20 token as wager. The smart contract decides winner of the battle. Winner of the battle need to claim the wager x 2. Remember, neither side will know the strength of the other while battling.

4 Your Firo Punks evolves too! Our level system resolves on points, every Firo Punks have to earn 100 exp point on each level, to get a new level, for that there's some ways: Winnings earn 5 points, but loses decrease in 2 points, so try not lose battles in order to evolve faster. Potions other than the health only potions increase point based on tier:

Caxambu and Everklena > + 3 points
Manegro and Amortentia > + 4 points.
In the fight rules its only permited that Firo Punks should fight with Firo Punks of same level.